National Cancer Survivors Month 2022

National Cancer Survivors Month 2022

June is National Cancer Survivors Month. It is a celebration of people and families of people who survive cancer. It is a great way to inspire those recently diagnosed with cancer by letting them know that they have a chance of survival after a cancer diagnosis. It is also a great way to support families affected by cancer. Making people aware of cancer survivors can help highlight the struggles and needs of those who have cancer, are cured, or are in remission.

Cancer research, clinical trials, early detection, and treatments have all helped improve the chance of survival for cancer patients. Many breakthroughs in research have helped improve the survivability of cancer. Researchers have also found new ways to detect different types of cancer, allowing patients to receive cancer treatment early, helping to improve the chance of survival. Research has turned childhood leukemia, a fatal cancer in the 60s, into a curable easy to treat cancer. Clinical trials are still ongoing for all types of cancer, so more breakthroughs in cancer research can possibly happen and more people can survive the disease.

Cancer Survivors Day is a way to celebrate life after cancer. There are around 16.9 million people in the United States living after a cancer diagnosis. People who get past treatments and are now considered cancer free sometimes need help to move on after such a traumatic event. Being a cancer survivor can also have a lot of challenges. Cancer survivors for instance are at a higher risk of developing other cancers.  There can also be limited access to treatments and cancer specialists; survivors can be denied health and life insurance; and bills can add up from high medical expenses, lost wages, and reduced productivity. The emotional toll is also hard since people don’t know if their cancer will come back.

Many of our clients are living with cancer because of asbestos or other toxic chemicals like benzene, dioxins, vinyl chloride, etc. A cancer diagnosis creates a lot of uncertainty about the future, but with so many new treatments and clinical trials patients don’t need to worry as much. Even if cancer is terminal like mesothelioma, treatments that are available can improve survival and quality of life compared to just letting the cancer go and not receiving treatment.  If you have cancer or had cancer previously, resources are available to help with the many stresses of uncertainty and other issues related to the disease.

Do you have cancer after exposure to a harmful chemical exposure like asbestos, benzene, dioxins, or other chemicals? You could be entitled to compensation. Contact us at 412-471-3980 or fill out our contact form to see what we can do for you.

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