Asbestos Colon Cancer

Asbestos Colon Cancer

Colon, Rectal, and Colo-rectal Cancers from Asbestos Exposure

Injuries from asbestos exposure are usually related to respiratory problems because asbestos fibers are typically inhaled. However, there can be instances where ingested asbestos fibers bypass the lungs and are swallowed into the stomach or enter into the bloodstream. The small, needle-sharp asbestos fibers can become caught in the large intestine, causing irritation which can lead to tumors.

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Plumbers, insulators, sheet metal workers, electricians, and ship fitters were some of the first known occupations to have a connection between their asbestos exposure and colon cancer. By 1964, the biological effects of asbestos were known but companies continued to mine, manufacture, produce, and sell asbestos-containing products. As more cases came to trial, asbestos awareness spread and evidence of companies’ long-standing prior knowledge was revealed in shocking detail.

Goldberg, Persky & White, P.C. pioneered the way to asbestos litigation when these cases were first coming to trial in the 1970s. We have been uncovering corporate documents, purchase orders, invoices, and memos for nearly 40 years that prove companies downplayed and denied any knowledge of the dangers of asbestos. If you believe your cancer or illness was caused by asbestos exposure, you need legal representation to review your case and explain your rights. Contact the attorneys at GPW and learn more about our experience.


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