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Mesothelioma Awareness Day 2021

Mesothelioma Awareness Day 2021 This upcoming Sunday is Mesothelioma Awareness Day. This is a day to recognize the incurable cancer of the mesothelium, which is a membrane that surrounds organs including the lungs, abdomen, heart, and testicles. Pleural mesothelioma (lungs) is the most common form, followed by peritoneal (abdomen), pericardial (heart), and testicular (testicles). The […]

Asbestos Exposure in Beaver County, PA

Asbestos Exposure in Beaver County, PA The number of deaths from malignant mesothelioma is very high in Pennsylvania. According to the CDC and the NIOSH Work-Related Lung Disease Surveillance System statistics, the state ranks third out of all the states and District of Columbia for the number of asbestos cases. Mesothelioma is a cancer that […]

Weirton Steel Asbestos Exposure

Weirton Steel Asbestos Exposure In the United States, an estimated 27 million workers were exposed to airborne asbestos fibers between 1940 and 1979. Asbestos exposure was highest with workers engaged in mining, milling of raw asbestos or construction, and product manufacture that used asbestos products. Other exposure occurred from asbestos released into the air and […]

Asbestos Exposure in the Steel Industry

asbestos exposure in the steel industry

Asbestos Exposure in the Steel Industry Most people exposed to asbestos were exposed either on jobs where they worked with or around asbestos or in a household environment where they were exposed to products or clothing containing asbestos. A 2015 British study of Belgian steelworkers found that almost one-fifth of them exhibited signs of significant […]


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