GPW is Representing a Bobsled Athlete Suffering from Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

GPW is Representing a Bobsled Athlete Suffering from Brain Injuries

Goldberg, Persky and White, P.C. is representing a bobsledder who claims his bobsledding lead to brain injuries and the bobsledding governing body failed to warn him and others the sport can cause brain injuries. The lawsuit was filed in California and accuses U.S.A. Bobsled and Skeleton of knowing that bobsledding can cause serious brain injuries since 1983 and never let athletes know. These brain injuries can lead to irreversible damage and medical conditions. The athletes continued to compete while not knowing they were endangering their health and safety and were not given ways to protect themselves.

Compensation should include a fund that can help pay medical bills and help monitor athletes who participated in U.S.A. Bobsled and Skeleton. A compensation program also needs to be set up so participants who have been diagnosed, been treated, or died because of a brain injury can be properly compensated. People with neurodegenerative diseases and behavioral disorders will need to be included. Many past sled athletes are struggling with brain injuries and are now living with depression, dementia, and some are committing suicide.

GPW’s own Jason Luckasevic is proudly representing the bobsled athlete. This lawsuit is very similar to NFL litigation, where the National Football League was sued for its role in players developing brain injuries, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Bobsledders are suffering similar effects from brain injuries and in March, the director of the CTE Center at Boston University found that the Olympic bobsled athlete Pavle Jovanovic, who took his own life, had CTE. The CTE center has primarily found the disease in former football players who have died. Jovanovic had problems like substance abuse, Parkinson’s symptoms including uncontrollable shaking, and mood disorders. After this lawsuit, the struggles of bobsledders will hopefully become more well known and former athletes can possibly get more help.

There are other bobsled and skeleton athletes who have struggled with head injury symptoms. Jovonovic was the third one to kill himself since 2013. Another athlete, who won gold in bobsled in 2010, was found dead because of an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills. As time has gone on, more sled athletes have reported that they have similar symptoms to former football players and contact sport athletes. They struggle with headaches, have a heightened sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises, and have psychological problems and forgetfulness.

The chief executive of U.S.A. Bobsled and Skeleton recently said the organization is invested in athlete safety and takes it very seriously. Officials from the organization claim the latest science, technology, and protocols are used to monitor athlete health. This does not mean that bobsled is safe though. With more athletes struggling with brain injuries and dying, U.S.A. Bobsled and Skeleton needs to find ways to protect athletes and help athletes who struggle after retiring from the sport.

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