Mesothelioma Legal Options During COVID-19

Mesothelioma Legal Options During COVID-19

A major priority for the world as a whole is staying safe from COVID-19. However, people with mesothelioma also have legal concerns that should be addressed. If you haven’t taken legal action as a mesothelioma patient, you have a limited time to do so. Nobody knows when the COVID-19 pandemic will end. Waiting to start your mesothelioma claim could prevent you from receiving compensation during this troubling time. Just because you’re in isolation, doesn’t mean that you can’t contact Goldberg Persky White P.C. Attorneys at Law to receive legal advice and assistance.

Don’t Wait to Contact the Mesothelioma Lawyers at GPW Law

Mesothelioma claims have a statute of limitations which means there is a limited amount of time to start a legal action. The statute of limitations for a mesothelioma claim depends on the state in which you’re filing the claim. Each state is unique, and the time you have depends on the type of claim you’re submitting. Filing a mesothelioma claim sooner rather than later can help you financially. You’ll receive compensation much faster than if you wait, and getting this assistance could lead to accessing high-quality treatment and long-term financial security. If you wait to contact GPW Law, you may miss your window of time to take legal action for your diagnosis.

How to Move Forward With Your Mesothelioma Claim During COVID-19

Many people with mesothelioma are worried of infection. So, they’re less likely to reach out to a law firm and schedule a meeting to begin their claim. Fortunately, Goldberg Persky White P.C. Attorneys at Law are adjusting to everyone’s temporary stay at home lifestyle. If you’ve yet to start your claim, contact the experienced firm of Goldberg Persky White P.C. Attorneys at Law and we would be happy to meet with you virtually. Contact us today!


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