Cancer Immunotherapy Month 2022

Cancer Immunotherapy Month 2022 June is Cancer Immunotherapy Month. Immunotherapy is a great option for treating multiple types of cancer because it helps the immune system. There are multiple ways that immunotherapy can fight cancer. Immunotherapy can either educate the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells, boost immune system cells to help the […]

Government Roles in Asbestos Regulation


Government Roles in Asbestos Regulation Despite the deadly effects of asbestos use on people and the environment, asbestos has not been banned in the United States. Numerous attempts have been made by government agencies to regulate asbestos use by making it harder to obtain, restricting imports, and regulating handling and removal. Since mining operations stopped […]

Asbestos Laws & Bans Around The World

Asbestos Laws & Bans Around The World Asbestos fibers came into commercial use worldwide in the early 1800s due to their tensile strength and ability to withstand heat, fire, and acid. Asbestos fibers are used in numerous commercial and consumer products, roofing and brake pads, to industrial equipment insulation. Despite warnings of adverse health effects, […]


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