Turner & Newall (T&N)

Turner & Newall (T&N) was founded as a cotton cloth manufacturing business in Britain in 1871. In 1879 it began producing woven asbestos cloth and changed its name to Turner Brothers Asbestos Company. Early in the twentieth century the company began to produce asbestos cements and cement sheets.

Various mergers, acquisitions and name changes occurred as a result of the company’s growth during the early twentieth century. In 1934 the company acquired the Keasbey & Mattison Company of Ambler, Pennsylvania, manufacturers and distributors of building materials such as wallboard, shingles, paneling, cements, boiler coatings and also of other asbestos products such as gaskets and packing. T&N licensed Keasbey & Mattison to distribute their well-known Limpet Spray Asbestos product. From 1939 until 2001 T&N operated an asbestos mine in southern Africa.

When Keasbey & Mattison went out of business in the 1960s, the license to sell and distribute Limpet Spray Asbestos was awarded to Armstrong Contracting & Supply of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 1967 it was transferred to the Atlas Asbestos Company of Canada, which continued sales and distribution to the United States.

T&N diversified into supply of components for the automobile industry, acquiring Ferodo America, a brake lining company, in 1970 and Flexitallic, a gasket company, in 1977. In 1998 T&N was acquired by Federal Mogul, a global supplier of automotive products which in 2001 filed for bankruptcy due in much part to asbestos litigation.

In December, 2007 the Federal Mogul Asbestos Personal Injury Trust was established to address asbestos liabilities. In 2010 the T&N Subfund of this trust began receiving claims for asbestos-related injuries in connection with T&N, Ferodo and Flexitallic.


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