Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc

Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc. was previously known as Eagle White Lead Company, Eagle-Picher Lead Company and Eagle-Picher Company. In 1843 two brothers named Conkling began manufacturing paint pigments under the brand name “Eagle.” In 1916 Judge Oliver Picher merged his lead mining company with the Eagle Paint Company to form Eagle-Picher Lead.

During the years 1930 to 1972 the company was a manufacturer of cements, pipe covering, block, and other insulations which contained asbestos. The company also produced innovative storage batteries for use by the military in World War II and participated in semiconductor research which lead to the development of the transistor. Eagle-Picher batteries were aboard the Apollo 13 craft.

The target of numerous asbestos-related lawsuits, the company sold its insulation business to Fibrex, Inc. in 1982 and filed for protection under the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Act in 1991. By then the company was manufacturing a wide variety of automotive and pharmaceutical products.

In 1996 the Eagle-Picher Industries Personal Injury Settlement Trust was established to address asbestos-related injury claims. The company was acquired by the Dutch firm Granaria Holdings B.V. in 1998 and filed bankruptcy again in 2005, restructuring into a newly formed Eagle Picher Corporation in 2006, continuing business in the automotive, defense, space, commercial power, medical, pharmaceutical and mineral industries.


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