Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Asbestos Removal?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Asbestos Removal?

There is nothing more concerning for a homeowner than discovering asbestos in their home. For almost 50 years, asbestos was a common substance used in homebuilding, whether it was in floor tile, insulation, wallboard, or pipes. If you live in a house built between the 1930s and the early 1980s, you’re likely to have asbestos in your home.

Is Asbestos Removal Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Despite the fact that asbestos exposure can be dangerous to one’s health, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover asbestos removal. Pollution is often excluded from homeowner’s insurance coverage, so you won’t be reimbursed for cleaning up pollutants in your home, including asbestos. Only if asbestos is exposed as a result of a covered risk, such as wind damage, is there an exception. In addition to covering roof repairs, your insurance company may be able to assist you in removing any residual asbestos materials and cleaning up any dust or particles that may have been released when the roof was damaged or replaced. Even so, you’re not guaranteed to be covered – it depends on the policy.

Why Isn’t Insurance Covering Asbestos Inspection and Removal?

Since almost all home insurance plans have a pollution exclusion, asbestos is normally not covered under homeowner’s insurance, even if you have open-perils HO-3 coverage. This encompasses not only gasoline and chemical spills, but also asbestos.

Another reason asbestos detection and removal isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance is that it would be excessively expensive for both insurers and homeowners. Asbestos removal would need a significant increase in the homeowner’s insurance rates.

Your homeowner’s insurance isn’t designed to cover minor repairs or basic upkeep on your home. Your insurance is unlikely to cover the expense of asbestos removal or containment if the asbestos is just present in your house. This cleanup labor is typically considered ordinary house maintenance and upkeep, rather than something covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

It’s also crucial for homeowners to understand that their insurance usually does not cover harm that they cause themselves. In most circumstances, if you decide to renovate your home, you’ll be responsible for cleanup because you’re the one who exposed the material!

Hire a Professional if You Decide to Remove Asbestos

If you decide to have asbestos removed from your home, keep in mind that this is not a do-it-yourself project. Dust masks and household gloves are insufficient protection against inhaling or ingesting fibers, which can then be tracked to other parts of the house. Even if your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the cost, hiring a professional asbestos removal company will ensure the job is done correctly and properly.

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