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Semi trucks are an important part of America’s economy, transporting products from coast to coast. Unfortunately, the growth in the economy has led to a steady increase in fatal truck accidents.

This growing issue goes largely unnoticed because truck accidents are scattered across the country. National news typically doesn’t report on fatal truck accidents unless it is otherwise noteworthy: involving a large number of vehicles, occurring during severe inclement weather or involving a famous person.

Fatal truck accidents increased by 18 percent since 2009 even though there are overall fewer semi-trucks on the road and those trucks are traveling less miles than years prior. During this time, passenger car fatal accidents rates went down almost two percent.

As the economy improves, there is more pressure on the trucking industry to transport the goods in a timely manner. This pressure combined with a shortage of commercial driver licensed (CDL) truck drivers creates drivers desperate to meet deadlines even if it involves disregarding safe operating procedures, like limited driving hours.

More than 10 people die each day in a fatal truck accident with almost 300 sustaining injuries in the crashes. In 2012, 3,921 deaths resulted from fatal truck accidents with more than 100,000 injuries.

Approximately 81 percent of fatal truck accidents involve multiple vehicles with more than 1,800 cars and trucks affected. These accidents are caused by pressure on the drivers, overly tired drivers and desperate companies who don’t properly screen drivers.

Only 10 percent of all trucks on the road feature safety technology to reduce the risk of accidents. In 2012, almost five percent of truck drivers were removed from their positions for too many violations with about 20 percent of the trucks removed from the road after failing inspections.

Unfortunately, these massive semi-trailer trucks that account for three million of the vehicles on the road don’t always operate under the safest conditions and can cause harm to you or someone you love.

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