Compensation for Asbestos Caused Lung Cancer

Compensation for Asbestos Caused Lung Cancer

People diagnosed with lung cancer who were exposed to asbestos could be eligible to receive compensation. Asbestos companies profited while endangering people’s lives, with many people becoming sick later in life from their work related asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral that can be found in different areas around the world. It has been used in building materials because of its excellent heat resistant properties.  It could be found in in steel mills, power plants, ships, as well as construction materials like cement to strengthen it. Many people worked with it, and when it became friable, these people inhaled the carcinogen leading to health problems in the future.

Once exposed to asbestos, it can take up to four decades to be diagnosed with lung cancer. Between 3,400 and 8,500 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed every year in the United States as a result of exposure to the carcinogen. Many people diagnosed with asbestos caused lung cancer first have asbestosis, which is the scarring of the lungs that makes it hard to breathe properly. Around one in seven people diagnosed with asbestosis will later be diagnosed with lung cancer.

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, those affected have between one and two years to file a lawsuit, with most of the states limiting it to two years. Lawsuits are filed against the companies whose products the lung cancer victim was exposed to.  In some states one can also file against his or her employer who exposed them to the products.  Suits can also be filed against the companies who owned the plants or work sites where the victim was exposed.

In addition to filing a lawsuit victims can also apply to the trusts that have been set up by bankrupt companies to compensate victims.  Each trust has certain criteria that a victim must meet in order to receive compensation.  These criteria include factors such as years worked, number of years of exposure, number of consecutive years of exposure, and whether the victim has asbestosis in addition to lung cancer. Each trust has compensation amounts for lung cancer depending on some of the criteria mentioned above.   For both compensation from trusts and lawsuits, the victim must have a pathology report indicating that he or she has a primary lung cancer; i.e., a tumor that originated in the lungs.

If you worked with asbestos and now have lung cancer, you could be owed compensation. Companies knew the dangers of asbestos but they never told their employees the dangers and risks involved with it. Our lawyers can file claims with different trusts set up for victims or sue the companies themselves if trusts have not been set up.

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